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Trax Play Review. AGPtek Review. We weighted each unit, used its attachments and a few times we even talked with customer service representatives. If a tracker was advertised as waterproof, we dunked it for about 10 minutes to make sure. The Tile Mate, the only Bluetooth tracker we tested, was tested a bit differently because of its limited capabilities compared to the GPS trackers, but we still took it outside with the long measuring tape to see what its range really is.

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You can often pay less overall if you buy more months of service at a time as opposed to buying month-to-month. Some GPS trackers do come with some service included, which is a great deal. How It Works GPS trackers work using cell phone, satellite and Wi-Fi signals and the best ones will show you in real time where the tracker is on your desktop and smart phone.

Bluetooth trackers like the Tile Mate work by sending a signal between the tracker and your phone or computer, so the range is going to be much shorter. Some GPS trackers can even use different Wi-Fi signals within a large building to triangulate what room someone is in.

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  • What is a Bluetooth tracker and what is a GPS tracker?!
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If you live somewhere with poor cellphone reception, your GPS tracker reception will also most likely be poor. They can help you keep track of your products, property and staff, all from the comfort of your phone or computer screen.

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There are a variety of trackers available to suit your business needs. We suggest picking a company that allows you to use as many trackers as possible at once.

World's Smallest GPS tracker | Tech | Gps tracking, Gps tracking device, Small world

For example, the BrickHouse tracker we tested shows you where several trackers are at one time. Many companies, including BrickHouse Security, also make trackers specifically for vehicles. These trackers let you know where your employees are, and you'll get an alert if the devices are uninstalled. The trackers tell you not only the vehicles' locations but also the speed at which the cars are traveling. However, our research indicates that these trackers are a little more difficult to install than regular GPS trackers. Trackers can also be useful for keeping an eye on valuable company assets or for making sure your employees have reached their destinations.

Then go to that location and simply ring the item to determine the exact location.

Bringing Order To Technology

Again, you open the app, but the map there will show the exact location of your camera bag. The information you receive is in real time and you can go to the exact location to retrieve it anytime. However, the data is transmitted through satellites in space, so the exact location could be off by as much as 10 meters in bad weather or inside buildings, for example. Read more: 5 things to check when buying a Bluetooth tracker.

Features Technology. But how do you decide which one is the right one for you? What Is a Smart Tracker? In general, most trackers can be divided into two groups; Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers. What is a Bluetooth tracker and what is a GPS tracker? Community Help All Bluetooth trackers offer community help , where you can anonymously ask other tracker users for help when your Bluetooth tracker gets disconnected.

It also means that it will know when to alert you to a change in routine. But one of the features that makes it stand out is its alert system. Best of all, you can set up multiple tags in the app to simultaneously track more than one child at a time. The biggest drawback is the limited range of the Buddy Tag. There is no other device out there can also alert you when your child accidentally falls into a pool or lake. To prevent distractions during school, you can place the device in silent mode. All of these features come at a price, though—the Amber Alert GPS Locator is one of the most expensive devices on our list.

An activation fee and a monthly subscription are also required. It has a low price tag and limited range, making it a good fit for bigger families who keep their kids close. The patch uses a proximity-based Bluetooth chip that can withstand a turn in the washer and a tumble in the dryer.

When your kiddo wanders out of range, you get an alarm that lets you know instantly.

The app lets you register up to five kids, and you can track them all at the same time. The company claims that it works up to feet , but walls and other obstructions can interfere with that range. Also, each patch can only be paired to one phone at a time, so if you want to hand off tracking to another caregiver, you need to disconnect your phone and then have them connect using their device.

The 8 Best GPS Trackers for Hiking, Cars and More in 12222

Patches come in a number of brightly-colored patterns that feature outer space themes and animals. Finding the right GPS tracker for your kids can be a challenge. Age Range Many trackers have recommended ages for use. In addition to those guidelines, consider how big the buttons are, how easy it is for little fingers to respond to you or reach out for help, and whether or not they can put it on and take it off on their own. The more high-maintenance a tracker is requiring daily charging , the more likely you are to leave home without it or end up with a dead battery.

Make sure the material is flexible and non-irritating to tender skin, as well as adjustable enough to ensure a secure but comfy fit. Because your child will be taking the GPS tracker with them on all their adventures, it needs to be able to withstand a good amount of punishment. Design Seek out durable material that can take whatever your kid can dish out. Solid band construction and a protected or shatter-proof face can stand up to roughhousing, sports, and the wear and tear of daily use.

Water Resistance Kids are always getting their hands dirty, which means they need to wash up regularly. While few GPS devices are totally waterproof, a quality tracking device should be able to handle incidental water and splashing. Geofencing You get extra peace of mind when you can set safety zones and perimeter alerts with a virtual fence. Range Whether you simply want to track your child around the neighborhood or keep tabs on them during a cross-country visit to Grandma, you need a GPS tracker that will work for the range and distance you require. Keep in mind that devices that rely on only Bluetooth often have limited range, so these are best for close-proximity tracking.

Some update location only every five minutes, and others let you check in every 10 seconds. Consider how often you want updates and how much flexibility you need for different circumstances. Panic Button If your child is lost or scared, all they have to do is hit the SOS or panic alert button to immediately let you and other emergency contacts know they need help. For children that spend time on their own after school or on the way to extracurricular activities, this feature can make both you and your child feel safer.

Two-Way Communication Sometimes all you need is the location of your child, but other times you want to be able to talk to them.

Best GPS Trackers 12222 - Tracking Devices for People and Vehicles

If communication is important, a GPS wearable with two-way talk can be the perfect safety solution. Games One of the best ways to ensure your kid will keep their tracker on is to make it fun to wear. Some GPS devices for kids have games and reward systems to keep youngsters engaged and willing to sport them on a daily basis. If monitoring your child in real time is important, make sure the wearable you choose offers that feature and delivers reliably.

Indoor Use It can be difficult to get a good read on locations when children are inside a building. Look for a device that meets your needs for indoor tracking, especially if your child will be spending a majority of time indoors. Home Safety News.

Best Tiny Tracking Devices

GPS trackers for kids keep them safe when you're out of sight. Parenthood just got a little easier. Written by Rebecca Edwards Updated October 15, Best Overall. Read Review.