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SplitCam is a free video-taking software, recognizable for the number of features it has to offer. This software is also great for streaming, so you can use it for capturing quality online content. Apart from that, SplitCam has a huge offering of various effects and filters, so you can further enhance your video with these additions. SplitCam also has the ability to add 3D masks to your video, which certainly is a very nice touch. It also works with the majority of communication software, so you can use it as a source in these apps, as well.

So, if you need a free, but still feature-rich webcam software, you should definitely take SplitCam into consideration. If you want to download SplitCam, you can grab it for free from this link. So, you can either take a picture, or record a video. Check our guide to solve the issue quickly! This is the best software to connect all surveillance cameras in your home, and track them all at once. IP Camera Viewer supports the huge variety of webcams, so it can represent an affordable solution for putting your living or working space under the sight of cameras.

Speaking of multiple cameras, IP Camera Viewer supports over four cams at the same time, so you can basically cover your whole house. If you want to download IP Camera Viewer, you can do so for free from this link. The main purpose of this software is screen capturing and recording, but it also has a lot of options for customizing the video output form your webcam, even better than some apps which purpose is solely that. Because of that, we decided to put this program on our list of the best webcam programs for Windows.

This tool is so versatile, that it even allows you to capture videos from external sources, like IP webcams, for example. In addition to this, Debut Video Capture offers some more handful features, like mouse highlighting. It basically allows you to do the whole job in a single program, by by both screen-capturing, and recording from your webcam. If you want to download Debut Video Capture Software, you can do so for free from this link. Epic guide alert!

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Learn how to access webcam settings in Windows 10! Webcam Toy is not an actual webcam software, but a web-based tool for recording video and capturing images. To use Webcam Toy, you just need to access the website, permit the access to your webcam, and start recording. No registration is needed. If you want to try out this too, visit its official website. This is an amazing tool that you can use on your webcam that will allow you to take pictures, record videos and apply various filters and effects. MyCam is easy to use and it also lets you share the content you created with your mobile phone.

You can always contact tech support and they will be happy to help you. Views 4 cameras simultaneously on one screen. Easy setup, worked with the different camera models I have. Resizable so I can keep it up on half of the screen on one monitor while I work on the other one.

9 webcam software for Windows users and get something unique

Good free software, no adware or malware came with it, just the camera viewer software itself. Does exactly what it says and does it well. No features to speak off, just a quick camera viewer. No Sound or Video recoding. Installed a wide array of misleading pop-ups on the computer. Advertisements and other miscellaneous garbage. Had to spend an hour scrubbing my registry to get it out. I would rather pay than have this kind of underhanded trash on my computer. I am switching to a different app.

Download whatsapp spy software for windows 8.1

Please make sure you are downloading from a reliable source like Download. DeskShare - Support. I didn't get far enough to find pros - between not supporting zoneminder systems and malware I uninstalled immediately. You can set specific areas to monitor, and configure motion capture settings for automatic recording. Have an extra webcam? Connect it to iSpy and set up a mini home security system right away! The software is very easy to set up, and has a lot of features for a free application. The app notifies you of any intrusion by sending hi-resolution photos of the motion capture via email or a File Transfer Protocol FTP site.

You can set your photo notifications with your Yahoo or Gmail email address and get instant live alerts on your mobile phone or computer. This remote desktop application can easily turn your webcam into a spy camera. All you need to do is connect your webcam to the app and set up a connection with your Gmail, YouTube or Twitter account, for instant text, photo, or video notifications of any intrusion. This free software program supports motion capture. However, the lengthy setup may not appeal to the average user. In addition to monitoring your webcam, the application lets you view your desktop remotely and access your computer's folders.

You can view and download any folder on your PC right from your mobile phone or web browser. Vitamin D is another ideal remote monitoring software program for home and office. Once connected to your webcam, the app detects motion. Its state-of-the-art capabilities easily distinguish moving people from moving objects.

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It tracks and captures motion, streams it live for remote viewing, and records it for future review. You can filter out a long video capture to show only important moments. The free version supports only one webcam; you will need to spend money to get multi-cam support. Still, even the free version has some amazing features. If you are quite serious about home and office security, then you should invest in a decent surveillance system beyond the above software.

You will need good hardware: for a small home, a wireless IP camera with built-in microphone. Some portable wireless systems support remote monitoring via Smartphone. For larger homes, you may need a four-camera or eight-camera home security system. These security systems are quite costly, but worthwhile features include night vision, DVR monitoring, and a recording system.

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Publisher's Description. User Reviews. Reviews Current version All versions. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Free, no watermark on recordings. Cons Horrible resource hog, even while doing almost nothing! Summary It lets you cap its own CPU usage. Pros lots of features Cons 1. Summary Its really a good software.

Pros none with viruses Cons I've been using iSpy for many years, but have notice a sizable increase in file size on random updated versions, then back a smaller file size for the most part random virus tests?

Device Driver for USB Cameras

Pros Dont know. Cons It's isn't free. Pros It is easy to get started. Cons Nothing, its Great Summary It is easy to get started. Pros Easy to install Cons After reading forum posts and the FAQ on the iSpyConnect website, the software sounded free and like it did not send information to external servers. Summary I think these guys promoted their software as free really well, spamming comments and forums. Pros It's easy to setup and use. Cons I'm running it on a new computer, less than a year old, fresh Windows 7 64 install, and yet Summary It's easy to setup and it's loaded with features, which are also easy to understand and use.

Pros very easy to setup and use Cons not found any yet. Pros Does anything you can think of and a whole load more besides. Cons Nothing that I can think of Summary I tried pretty much everything out there before trying ispy and wish i'd found it first, it just blows the competition out of the water.

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Cons How many people work at the iSpy office? Hmm, Summary Guys, this is just the pre-game Read replies 3 Reply by TheLawabider on November 30, Yes you can tell that there are multiple reviews by individuals here.